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Workshops and Training

You Belong Here | Development Workshop 

You Belong Here helps leaders and practitioners understand the critical role Belonging has in the recruitment and retention of people of all identities, abilities, cultures, faiths, histories, motivations, lived experiences and intersectionalities. Utilizing The Belonging Framework, learners will focus on the 3 pillars - INVITED, WELCOMED, and INCLUDED - and explore theory, complete hands-on and collaborative activities, and apply the framework in a variety of areas such as programming, facilities, staff development, marketing, resources, collaborations, and assessment to create a more inclusive and equitable participant experience.



Exploratory Meeting (30 Min)

We’ll discuss some of the current challenges, success, initiatives and priorities you and your team are working on to tailor the workshop experience to your particular needs.


Workshop (1 Hr) 

A facilitator will introduce your team to The Belonging Framework and the 3 Pillars, and explore how to apply them using guiding discussion and activities.


Follow-Up (30 Min)

We will schedule a follow-up meeting with you to ensure you are satisfied with the process and recommendations for future actions.


Personalized Workshop

If you would like to talk about doing a workshop around The Belonging Framework specific to your organization and team needs, I would be happy to discuss facilitating a  session for your team, which would outline the framework and look at ways you can implement strategies within your own organizations. This includes personalized consulting, and opportunities for assessment of current strategies and working with your people in groups and/or individually to work towards imbedding belonging into your practices.


Importance of Belonging in Campus Recreation - Recorded Webinar ~ $125


This Webinar was first presented at the NIRSA 2021 Virtual Conference: which allows you to to utilize it as a session for your training needs within your organization. I am currently offering a discount, offering the webinar for $99 using the Coupon Code: NIRSA2012

This 40 minute pre-recorded webinar outlines The Belonging Framework and discusses practical examples in multiple areas such as Intramurals, Fitness and Wellness, and Facilities that can help you and your team create more inclusive opportunities for your students in Campus Recreation.


The Equity Sequence™ for Sport and Recreation ~ $85 / Learner


In collaboration with Tidal Equality , the Equity Sequence™ is a practice designed to help your people and organization truly build equity. It is an online, individual learning platform that supports learners at their own pace, with case studies and videos through a sport and recreation lens.


This one-time fee gives the practitioner a lifetime access to the Equity Sequence practice, community and support, including ongoing online coaching.

I have attached the Equity Sequence Brief for more information, and you can register for the course via link:  

Equity Sequence for Sport and Recreation

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