Where people feel Invited, Welcome and Included

If Diversity is the reality, Equity is the practice & Inclusion is the goal, Belonging is the FEELING people have when these 3 are realized. The power of belonging is owned by the participant, and it is our role to help foster that power!


The Belonging Framework is a participant centric approach focused on 3 pillars - Invited, Welcome and Include: 

Invited - what are the cultures, behaviours, & understanding participants experience or observe before participating?

  • How are participants being invited into your programs, spaces and opportunities that motivates, inspires and leads them to show up? 

  • How are you using language & imagery, creating facility spaces, storytelling, building staffing compliments, creating varied program options, and creating invitations based on feelings rather than informing people of opportunities?

Welcome - what are the cultures, behaviours, & understanding participants experience or observe when they arrive or begin participating.

  • Once people arrive in your programs, spaces and opportunities, how are they made to feel welcome by coaches, activity leaders and fellow participants?

  • Are your programs, policies, facilities & structures created with a welcoming environment for all in mind?


Included - Everyone should be able to use the same facilities, take part in the same activities, and enjoy the same experiences in a way that meets their physical, mental and social needs.

  • How are people being included in your programs, spaces and opportunities that motivate and inspire them to be lifelong participants and/or co-creators of their experience?

  • How are you removing barriers and negotiating constraints to ensure all participants can be included?


Activating The Belonging Framework helps organizations, practitioners and facility providers assess and develop actions for strategic plans, program development & implementation, staffing models, training, budget & resource allocations, facilities, marketing, initiatives and projects utilizing a lens of belonging leading to stronger recruitment and retention of participants while supporting Equity & Diversity by embedding Belonging within your organizational culture as an intentional outcome.

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